Small DUKW with 105 howitzer diorama

This is the 1/35 Italeri kit that comes with the artillery. Nice and easy kit to put together

Tried to made it look like it’s been in the pacific theatre of war


I think you’ve done very well. I like how it looks.

Looks very nice! But on a side note, the circled star was only used in the ETO/MTO, not in the Pacific. There it was the standard five point white star.

curious why you used red earth colour for base and weathering.

Mobile artillery:) Looking good!

Very good model. If it’s Army the circle star might be ok. Great rendition.

Thanks for the comments, troops


I will remember that in the future about the star, I am not know for my 100% accuracy for model building with decals


The base is a yellowish colour, must just be the picturethat makes it look reddish

Like the build. For future Dukw builds the drain holes on the side ribbing are a post war 50’s mod to help prevent rusting.

Nice model, as for the circle/star, just change label to “DUKW ETO” and you’re good to go.