Small vignette with Deutsche Sturmtruppen

A small vignette with German stormtroopers of the First World War. The figures are a minor conversion of ICM figures, one head replaced with the head of a tanker in a chainmail mask. The base is maded from styrodur, the ground maded made from wood putty and fine quartz sand. The figures are painted with acrylics from ICM and VALLEJO, the base is painted with artistic acrylics.

Only on photos I noticed that the paint was a little worn off on the edge of the rifle stock and on the helmets, and also that I forgot to paint the hatchet in the sheath.


I really like it, it has an eerie feel to it.


That’s a pretty tight composition which really helps to focus the viewer’s attention on the subject. Well done!

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Yep, that happens a lot. That is both the advantage and disadvantage of modern high definition photography. A lot of people actually will take close up photos just to find little mistakes like that.


Yes, that’s why I preferred masked heads. The facelessness of the soldiers emphasizes the fact that they were small cogs in the war machine.


Nice little vignette. I used that ICM figure set also and enjoyed the build greatly.


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