Smells like teen (fighter) spirit

Group Build Title: Smells like teen (fighter) spirit

Group Build Leader(s): @Mead93

Group Build Description: My all time favorite fighters are the US teen fighters, F-14,F-15,F-16, F-18. I already have the 15,16 and 18 in the stash and plan to add a 14!

Any of those four fighters, any variant (including things like the EA-18 growler) in service with any nation!

Event Details: 2023-02-01T06:00:00Z

Completion Award: TBD

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Sounds like a good idea. A number of really great kits out there in just about every scale.

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

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What’s the best 1/48 F-18C kit for Desert Storm?

I’ll probably do one of my Tamiya F-14s, probably the Iranian one.

I understand the Kinetic F/A-18 is the best legacy Hornet kit out there, though I’ve unfortunately never had the chance to build one. You may have ot source your own decals for Desert Storm. But you can’t go wrong with the Tamiya F-14, really lovely kit!

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the kinetic CF-188 which can also be built as any of the legacy hornets, it looks super nice in the box but I haven’t built it yet so I can’t comment on how well she goes together

OK, let’s see what I’ve got. F-14, two in the stash, a completed 1/144 kit. F-15, two in the stash, one completed in 1/72. F-16, 6 in the stash, one on the shelf of shame and one 1/72 version completed. F-18, two in the stash, none completed. Looks like the F-18 ekes one out over the F-14, as I’ve no completed 1/72 examples of either, but do have the one 1/144 Tomcat. General plan, subject to change, is the Academy F-18D in TUDM (Royal Malaysian Air Force) markings.

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I want to say either an F14… Or F15…this will be a hard choice…either in 1/48 …

Ok lets see, in my stash;
4 x 1/48 Eduard, HobbyBoss, Hasegawa F-14s
5 x 1/144 Revell F-14s
10 x 1/72 Hasegawa, Fujimi, Academy, Great Wall F-14s
1 x 1/72 Academy F-15E to be completed as a RSAF F-15SG with AM decals

Unfortunately due to space constraints the 1/48 kits are currently out of the question. Probably be a F-14 :roll_eyes:


I’ve got multiples of all of the types in my stash. Not sure which one I’ll select, but I have been wanting to build one in the near future. This is a good enough reason to do so.

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I was blown away when I cracked open my F-15E to inspect it how massive that sucker is in 1/48

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She is not a small bird that is for sure.

Without paying the crazy money for Tamiya, what are the decent alternative F14 or F15’s ? (in 1/48)

For the 15E, the Revell kit is very nice and easy, heck even I finished that one. :laughing:

For the F-14, I think if you want cheap the old Monogram kit is the way to go. The other options are not cheap or liked as I recall. If only building one tomcat the Tamiya kit is the way to go.

I really need to see proof of that lol … :joy:

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In fact, after looking, the Tamiya Eagle isnt stupid money, its under £30 which is fine and I need to read up on the Tomcats available with Jolly Rogers livery :+1:

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Here you go. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I think I finished this kit in maybe 2012. Ok, yes she was late for our club build, whatever shut up. :laughing: She has sat in a hot/cold garage cabinet so has faired better then expected. Added some Eduard cockpit PE and custom decals for a Seymour Johnson bird. The worst part was the canopy seam, which wasn’t hard to polish out.

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Ok… Now I believe… And nice build that has stood up well …:+1:

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I picked up the 1/48 Revell strike eagle at the FLHS for a good price. I still plan to do the Tamiya tomcat. At least that’s my plan today…

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I’m leaning between either a Super Hornet, or a Strike Eagle… :thinking: decisions decisions…

I turned to armour many decades ago, but still have an old Hasegawa F16 in 1/48th scale and F-14 in 1/72nd in the stash. I might join in her, just for fun. It will be OOB and with whatever the decals are like after all this time…