Smile for the 'TIMES'

Been working and re-working the figure placements of this diorama for some time now. Trying to get the perfect angle and placement for me to be satisfied. So, here is another attempt to get it right.


Really nice dio. Not sure what you’re going for in the figure placement but they all look good to me. The paint job on everything is fantastic. Colors all work well together and you nailed it on the guy’s levis. They look very realistic.
:clap:t2: :beer:


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Appreciate it C.

Hmm I’m not sure what you’re after either. It’s a fantastic scene & a superb building but the rooftop figs confuse me - doubtless I’m slow but what’s the dynamic with the figs on the ground? Whatever your dissatisfaction, I’d respectively suggest a somewhat more spacious base might help resolve it? :tumbler_glass: