SMM: Challenger and Centurion Update Sets | Armorama™

New from Scorpion Miniature Models are various 1/35 scale detail sets for your Centurion and Challenger armor projects.

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My first thought was that those Centurion mantlet covers were going to be useless without the proper turrets. But then as I scrolled I noticed there was a lot of space left underneath the scroll bar, so I began to get a little stoked. (plus the image of the six recessed bolts behind the mantlet on the forward top of the turret gave hope as well)
Then the metalastic mantlet - you need the split hatches I thought. And yes-they are there too! No more bogarting hatches from old Tamiya Sheridan kits to get the split hatches!
Surely later Mark engine decks are to follow…
I am surely going to get several of these products.

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The decks/ back ends are in progress from them

That’ll save me loads of time.

We could have had these a lot sooner. I sent masters overseas to Cromwell almost fifteen years ago and they were “lost.”

Without proper references, would love to know which of these combinations would fit the IDF Centurian ‘Shot’ of 1973.