SMS Konig - Question About Torpedo Net Use

I’m starting the 1/350 ICM kit with White Ensign PE Set. The PE set includes the platforms for stowing the torpedo nets. I’m having trouble finding definitive info on when and how these torpedo nets were used. Were they present during the whole service life of the ship? Were they present at Jutland? If they were removed during the ship’s life, were the platforms and deploying arms and associated rigging retained?

Full disclosure: I’m asking because I really don’t like the look of the nets. I find some things just don’t translate well into scale from a purely aesthetic point. I’ve seen folks use cheese cloth and even shoe laces to replicate the stowed nets, and I’m not thrilled. So I’m curious about if it’s possible to omit them altogether all the while maintaining some semblance of historical accuracy.

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Hi Matt,

without looking into my references: Generally the nets were removed after Jutland. In case of a hit there was the danger of blocking propellers or rudders. So if you model her later than summer 16 you can omit them. But be careful, she got modified a bit over tie, so you need to check masts, AA and some details.

B.R. Tom

The German navy started removing the torpedo nets after Jutland in 1916.

I am in the final stages of building the SMS Kronprinz and I installed the platforms from the White Ensign kit. After installing about 100 of those tiny PE support backets the platform was easy to install but not fun. I ordered half round shoe laces for kids shoes which should work fine to simulate the netting.
I attach a photo of the build with the platforms to show you what the would look like. Not the best install but the netting will cover up the errors (I hope…LOL)

Mark :beer:

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Thanks for the info. Also your build is looking great. Another question about the WE set: can you tell me where on the deck those four hatches go? I think they’re #43 on the fret.

Generally when they removed the nets, the poles and wires were removed. You’d have to check photo references regarding the net shelf. That may have remained.

Nice looking model, Mark