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Fifty years ago Monogram released the first of several Snoopy themed kits. Snoopy and His Sopwith Camel was the first. I have such good memories of them that I began trying to acquire most of them and eventually, I scored Snoopy and His Sopwith Camel. I can't think of a more fitting subject for my first review here on the new Aeroscale.

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Nostalgia Overload Warning! Wonderful review Fred, I can’t wait to see this one taking shape. Please tell me you have a Red Baron kit to go with it :heart_eyes:

Cheers, D

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Great review, Fred! :beer:

You definitely caught my attention with your mention of the Atlantis re-release, because I don’t think I ever saw this kit in the UK the first time around. I’ve just checked out their website and they have a load of classic vintage kits - and the great thing is that they’ve kept them affordable. They’re perfectly pitched for the nostalgia market.

All the best

Rowan :beer:

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Hi Damien,

Glad Snoopy has other fans out there in Aeroscale.

No, I do not have the Red Baron. I did 40+ years ago… :shushing_face: I have tried to buy a few over the past several years but they were just too expensive or to used. But now that Atlantis is coming to our rescue, Snoopy’s Sopwith with have a foe in the near future.


Looks like a fun little kit! Are they issuing the Red Baron too?

I remember my dad having a couple of old issues of Mad Magazine and a couple of them had a Snoopy Vs The Red Baron strip. Wonder if he still has them?

Hi Stephen,

Red Baron will be reissued, too, according to the news blurb. :+1:

Greeting, Fans:

I noticed Atlantis now offers waterslide decals for this kit.

Those interested in how Atlantis acquired these kits, as well as those from Aurora, and the history of Monogram and Aurora, please see these features:

I used to have the surfing snoopy kit, and the Sopwith Camel kit reminds me of another I completely unrelated kit I had, FlapJack.