So - how do I get rid of off these silly 'badges' that the new site keeps giving me?

I mean - I get a badge for a ‘nice topic’?
A few days ago I got one for being an ‘enthusiast’

I joined Armorama to talk about models, not to earn badges.

I can’t find a means of disabling the badge system. Is there a way I can do so?

John (no badges required :face_with_hand_over_mouth: )

Just ignore 'em for the most part, I think.

However, there are a couple which highlight features of the new site that require the user to employ certain commands or complete certain tutorials. Those might be worth exploring simply because you learn to use some of the features that are different here from the old site to make posting here easier or better.

I think another purpose of the badge system is to encourage user behaviors and actions so that they use the site in ways that the designers want to encourage. In that sense, the badge system is more than a little manipulative and patronizing. Sort of like Pavlov ringing his bell to make the dogs salivate, the badge system is intended to modify behavior.

At any rate, if you mostly ignore it, the badge system seems pretty innocuous just running in the background.

You could just ignore them. Like that nagging aunt or the uncle with the bad breath that turn up every Christmas.

They could be turnedoff/disabled for the whole site but I think the benfits of the silly badges are greater than the disadvantages, not by much but still …

I made the same observation on one of the numerous threads on the old forum pimping out this new one. I guess there are two things we can do. Take Robin’s advice in his response to me:

Those who fear the evil badges can avoid the emotional distress by not looking at them.

Or we can ditch this forum and continue to watch “He whose name was disappeared from Armorama” bully poor Bob Carvo on Missing-Lynx.

I elect to just pretend I don’t know they’re there. I’m already distressed at the number of hours I’ve logged on here.

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After a while the notifications about badges become a lot less frequent when there are less things left to try/experience/achieve

It IS slightly addictive.

  • The fast response.
  • The ease of posting images.
  • You see when someone is typing a reply so you just sit tight waiting for it.

Whatever you do, don’t mention the badges…

:smile: :smile:

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You beat me to it! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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