So Kitty Hawk seems to have found a new home?


Interesting. I had heard Trumpeter bought their molds. I hope to see their 1/35 H-60 series back on the market. They were also planning some other 1/35 helos as well.

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Maybe they bought some, but not all? Well, the future will show…

I kind of thought this might be a new Trumpeter sub-brand- like their ‘Ilovekit’ range.

Might be a possibility, too.

this good news @HeavyArty as Gino says they have a good selection of UH-60’s as well as some UH-1’s that were in production and some that were in the pipeline that i hope they put into production as well.

maybe just maybe we’ll see them reissue the P39 and Kingfisher again!!! I’d really like to get two or maybe even three of those P39’s and at least one of the Kingfishers. The F5 kit is in my stash, but it’s a single seat air frame. If they really do come out with a two seat F5, I’ll get one.