So, my Vietnam War shack has a home

I started this little shack a year ago. Been busy. Finally added it into the background of an upcoming diorama. I think it turned out well. Still going to add some children figures. Recently discovered Callsign Models from Australia and got a bunch of their stuff.

It is in the corner of this road scene.

A picture of the unfinished vehicle to placed on the road, An artillery tractor pulling a M-30 howitzer on the Ho Chi Minh Trail.


Hope ya’ll like it.


Very, very nice. Both the shack and the vehicles (and the vegetation camouflage).

Well done. Looking forward to seeing it finished.


Very nice!

This will work, ya Buddy! Standing by to stand by.

Looking frwrd to how it comes together, great job all around!
Dave :slightly_smiling_face:

Very , very cool !!!

Nice. I like the shack - good details like the weathered mixture of paint colour on the wall and the wet footprints going up the steps.

Wow don’t know how I missed this but that’s some excellent work there!