So what did you complete this year?

So as the year is nearly over, what kits did you manage to finish this year.
Be it old hanger queens that finally got finished or a new tool kit that just didn’t end up in the stash or just something you just fancied building.
I’ll start with my meagre completions for this year (really must do better next year lol)
First up was the Special Hobby SIAI-Marchetti SF-260 in 1/72nd scale.

Then I built Zvezda’s 1/48th Mil Mi-24V Hind.

Followed by two Kinetic Harriers (the 2 seater being a hanger queen).

Andy :slight_smile:


If it’s only aircraft you are looking for I did Tamiya’s P-38
and Eduard’s Lysander. Both 1/48


There are still a bit over 96 hours left to the year, and I have one more near the finish line… should be able to get it done and will post ‘em all by then… :wink:


It was good year for me. I finished 6 models (usually I finished 1-2 per year).
First was Tamiya 1:72 P-47D “Razorback” with DKDecals “P-47D Thunderbolt over the Pacific”, Master barrels and Eduard wheels. I started it in 2019 and finally finished this year.

Next was Special Hobby 1:72 P-40N with Eduard PE parts and Techmod decals.

Then I built Tamiya 1:72 Ki-61-Id with Eduard PE parts.

Next was another Special Hobby kit in 1:72 scale - Westland Whirlwind Mk I.

In the same time I built Eduard 1:72 Spitfire Mk IXc with Techmod decals.

And the last finished model is Arma Hobby 1:72 FM-2 Wildcat.

Unfortunatelly, I will not finish this year the bigest project - 1:72 Airfix B-25C.


Well darn it, I spent some time over the holidays looking at different 1/72nd aero kits but managed not to give in to that tempting call but after seeing these builds I can feel myself caving in to the desire to build something non specular blue, or anything NOT olive drab . . . really great looking planes here, thumbs up to all the builds!

Borrowed these pics from "gmodelart"s web page, I really really like this paint scheme . .




Cajun :crocodile:


Agreed that the ASW scheme is very attractive Cajun. Worn on everything in that role from small fighters to big four engine and flying boat types.

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Congratulations with those finished planes folks.

I started something but finished nothing…

Getting very elmbarrassing :unamused:

Have finished 6 aircraft in 2021 (+ 2 armor kits). Some of you have followed my builds. All are in 1/48
First in line was the He 219 from Tamiya …

… followed by Hellcat Mk. I and Mk. II from Eduard …

… then I have built the Suchoi Su-2 from Zvezda …

… finally the new Spitfire Mk. IIa and IIb from the Eduard Dual Combo …

… my other builds were the MCV Type 16 from Tamiya and the FUG Feldumschlaggerät from Takom, which should be finished in the next days. I’m just doing the final touch ups here.

Have a great modelling 2022 folks!
Torsten :beers: