So Who Drives This Ambulance?

I plan to build this old Model T ambulance. But who is going to drive it? There are British and American driver figures available, but I have no idea which one would work.


The answer is in the product description from ICM
AAFS stands for American Ambulance Field Service


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More… (2mn image search…)


I did see one photograph of a model with a Resicast British driver figure…which made me think the modeler goofed. Had to be sure and find someone who fit the bill.

I should also mention that in my Osprey book about the US Army of World War 1, none of the soldiers depicted have peaked caps, and the uniforms are all closed-collar types.

The “Harvard Club of Alsace” in Mollau: AFS volunteers Melcher, Marcquand, Galatti, Suckley, Rice, Carey, Hale, Hill, and Peirce. Courtesy of the Archives of the American Field Service and AFS Intercultural Programs (AFS Archives.) 1915


Good thing that the wounded could not be picky about which uniform their driver should have :grin:

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It’s a case of “I don’t want to go through all the trouble and expense only to find I built it all wrong.”

I did read that Ernest Hemingway was also an ambulance driver during World War 1, but he served in Italy. Thanks for all the info.

Fourth from the left sort of looks like a young Harry Morgan (Col. Potter on MASH)

RIP to an old TV friend - “Just the facts ma’m.”

Beautiful photos guys!

WWI is definately not my forte but it doesn’t seem unlikly any of the three armies would be driving an ambulance, seems like it would depend more where on the front or which specific engagement you’re most intrested in depicting . .

Here’s an intresting site . .
. . never really considered it but the Royal Army had a veterinary corps to minister to pack animals and wagon teams.

If you do a web search for ‘French Medical corps WWI’ some intresting photos come up such as a mobile Xray lab etc., (haven’t quite got the hang of copy/paste images yet), hope this mite help.