SOF wheeled vehicles and their models in 1/35 scale

This is a list I’ve made some time ago - SOF wheeled vehicles which can be made with 1/35 scale kits and conversion sets (no Humvees, they’re boring). If You know about any others please let us know here. Any interesting photos (real vehicles or models) are very welcome. Any discussion - very neccessary :slight_smile:

I. Plastic kits.

  1. Land Rover Defender 110 RSOV - Hobby Boss - Delta Force
  2. Land Rover Defender 110 WMIK - Hobby Boss, 2 versions - British SAS
  3. Land Rover 109 - Italeri - British SAS
  4. Land Rover 109 “Pink Panther” - Italeri - British SAS in Oman
  5. Land Rover 109 “Pink Panther” - Tamiya - British SAS in Oman
  6. Supacat TSV Coyote - Hobby Boss - British SAS
  7. Supacat MWMIK Jackal - Hobby Boss - British SAS
  8. FAV - Hobby Boss - Delta Force, “Desert Storm”
  9. M1245 M-ATV - Panda Hobby - USSOCOM, Polish GROM
  10. Dongfeng EQ2050 Meng Chi - Hobby Boss - Chinese SOF
  11. Yamaha 450 Grizzly Quad - Bronco - British SAS

II. Resin kits.

  1. Land Rover Defender 110 DPV - Accurate Armour - British SAS
  2. Land Rover Defender 110 6x6 - Black Dog - Australian SAS
  3. Mercedes G-Wagen 6x6 - Black Dog - Australian SAS
  4. Toyota Hi-Lux - MIG Productions - USSOCOM
  5. Toyota Hi-Lux - MMK - Czech SOF
  6. Tatra 815 - MMK - Czech SOF
  7. Polaris ATV - Live Resin - USSOCOM
  8. Polaris MRZR - Airborne Miniatures - USSOCOM
  9. ESP Springer - MMK, 2 versions - British SAS
  10. Yamaha 450 Grizzly Quad - MMK - British SAS
  11. Longline LSV - Accurate Armour - British SAS, “Desert Storm”
  12. FAV - Hobby Fan - Delta Force, “Desert Storm”
  13. Supacat TSV Coyote - Accurate Armour - British SAS
  14. Supacat MWMIK Jackal - Accurate Armour - British SAS
  15. General Dynamics Flyer 72 ALSV - Black Dog - USSOCOM

III. Plastic models + dedicated resin conversion sets.

  1. Land Rover Defender 110 WMIK - Hobby Boss + Accurate Armour, 4 versions - British SAS
  2. Land Rover Defender 110 WMIK - Hobby Boss + Black Dog - British SAS
  3. Mercedes 290G Wolf - Revell + Black Dog - German KSK
  4. Mercedes 290G IFAV - Revell + Azimut, 2 versions - USMC and US Navy Seals
  5. Panhard VPS - Revell (Mercedes Wolf) + Azimut - French SOF
  6. Peugeot P4 PATSAS - Revell (Mercedes Wolf) + Azimut - French SOF
  7. M151 FAV - Academy + Black Dog - Delta Force
  8. M151 FAV - Tamiya + Kirin - Delta Force
  9. Mercedes Unimog - Revell + Black Dog - Belgian SOF
  10. Toyota Hi-Lux - Meng + Black Dog - USSOCOM
  11. Iveco LMV - Italeri + MMK - Czech SOF
  12. M1078 GRV “War Pig” - Trumpeter + Pro Art Models - USSOCOM
  13. M1078 GRV “War Pig” - Trumpeter + Black Dog - USSOCOM
  14. M1083 GRV “War Pig” - Trumpeter + Black Dog - USSOCOM
  15. Chenowth DPV - Hobby Boss + Black Ops Models - US Navy Seals

IV. Plastic models requiring small modifications.

  1. Mercedes 290G Wolf - Revell - German, Danish or Cypriot short wheelbase vehicles
  2. Toyota Land Cruiser - Meng - Delta Fotce, “Desert Storm”
  3. Toyota Hi-Lux - Meng - Polish (GROM)
  4. RG-31 Mk5 - Kinetic - USSOCOM
  5. Iveco LMV - Italeri - Italian SOF

V. Models requiring bigger modifications.

  1. Land Rover Defender 110 WMIK - Hobby Boss - Polish, Czech or Lithuanian SOF
  2. Mercedes 290G Wolf - Revell - Polish (GROM), US IFAV, Dutch, Norwegian, Austrian Puch G290LP Sandviper - long wheelbase vehicles
  3. Iveco VM90 - Historica Productions, resin - Italian SOF
  4. Land Rover Defender 90 - Historica Productions, resin - British SAS, Italian SOF
  5. Acmat VLRA - Masters Productions, resin - French SOF

Kubisz- A great summary. Indeed, the topic is very broad and super attractive (for whom of course). On the basis of Land Rover you can go crazy in a variety of configurations. In addition, Toyota and Mercedes offer further possibilities. We both have many photos of such vehicles, but maybe someone will surprise us

If I’m correct MMK did a resin kit of a Czech SOF Tatra truck.


Of course. Added. Thanks!

MMK- 2 x Springer, quad Grizzly

Added. Thanks!

And here are some photos of Polish GROM Toyota Hi-Lux:

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The EPS Springer isn’t USSOCOM. That is British SOF.

A few more…

  • Historica Productions 1/35 Italian resin Land Rover Kit 4X4.
  • Black Dog 1/35 Australian SASR Land Rover 6x6 LRPV w/Motorbike [Full kit] T35189
  • Legend 1/35 Land Rover Wolf WMIK Detailing Set (for Hobby Boss) [Resin] LF1230
  • Blackdog Models 1/35 AUSTRALIAN SPECIAL FORCES LAND ROVER Deluxe BIG Resin Set
  • Black Ops Models 1/35 SEAL DPV conversion resin kit (yes, the SEAL Chenowth DPV)

Thanks, Trisaw, added what was missing. There was Black Dog’s Aussie LR 6x6 on the list. Legend Prod. sets are not quite conversions sets, they’re rather ‘stowage’ ones.

Historica Productions’ LR short wheelbase Defender 90 is AFAIK the one and only model of such Landy. One can make this excellent Italian SOF vehicle:

or British SAS:

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Great list, thanks!! :raised_hands:

I’ve found another one - an Irish Army Ranger Wing Ford F350:

And the excellent model made with old Vajra Miniatures model as a base:

Correction…that Historica Productions VM90 kit isn’t an modification but a complete full resin kit, no donor kit required.

Another correction would be the Hobby Boss Land Rover 110 RSOV wasn’t used by Delta Force, but by the U.S. Army Rangers (and no longer). Delta Force uses the “Dumvee” desert HMMWV, M-ATV, and Pandur I, not the Pandur II (yet). The U.S. Army Rangers also used the M151 FAV, as did the U.S. Marines.

If you want, you might as well include the MENG and other vendor’s 1/35 GAZ TIGER 4x4 for the Russian Spetsnaz. That is their primary Russian SOF FAV, similar to the USSOCOM SOF HMMWV.

You can also add the 1/35 MENG Ford F-350 for Iraqi and Afghani SOFs, Mexican and Filipino Marines and police, and PMCs. The F-350 is “adaptable” to special forces missions around the world.

Finally, add the 1/35 M-ATV for USSOCOM as a plastic kit by Rye-Field Models. The M-ATV is a generic “Guntruck” that is used for multiple purposes, including FAV.

I know, that the are not all options included on my list. First of all I’ve chosen the most attractive subjects, where you can say without any doubts ‘Yeah, that’s definitelly a SOF vehicle’ right after you see it :slightly_smiling_face: All Russian/exotic vehicles - maybe someday. And there are some mistakes, thanks for correcting!

I know that Historica Productions VM90 is full kit - in the last part of my list (V.) there are models which can be built without any conversion set (because there is no such aftermarket set for these vehicles) - you have to take a full model and make a conversion by yourself.

RFM M-ATV - yes, of course. I hope there will be a Panda’s full model of SOCOM version on the market soon and there will be a possibility of kitbashing both kits.

Can You help me - how can I edit my first post now?

I’ve noticed that too. You would need to contact the Admin to regain Editing privileges. Editing seems to time out after a day or two.

Is it a Ford 350?

That it or a 550.

Various Czech SOF Toyotas:

More here: