Soft rubber tracks

I am looking for a set of soft rubber tracks for a Italeri M-60A3. as the ones that come with it. ( linked tracks) are not working out for me. If anyone knows where I can get a set, it would be greatly appreciated.

Ah, the old ESCI kit …
The whole tank sits a bit too high on the suspension, maybe they measured
an empty tank (no fuel, no ammo). When I built a long time ago (ESCI boxing) I had to use the spare track links, parts 6F, and make rubber pads from some plastic sheet.

There are currently two manufacturers who supply soft tracks in their kits (not sold separately as far as I know, the M60A3 from Revell is also the odl ESCI): Dragon and AFV-Club.
Dragon uses their own DS stuff, some kind of soft glueable “rubber”. This stuff is a hit and miss affair, some tracks have no problems and others weep out the softener and turn hard and brittle after some years. I have had failed tracks inside unopened plastic bags (factory sealed) so it is some kind of quality control issue during manufacture. I will replace all DS-tracks but I would not want to hand over a product which I do not trust to some other modeller. I consider the Dragon tracks to be modelling hazmat.

The other option is AFV-Club. Those tracks seem OK. I haven’t noticed any problems with the ones in my stash. You could have them for the postage from Sweden (not cheap) unless you can find someone closer to you (highly recommended) who is also planning on swapping out the rubber tracks.

If you are not against indy-link tracks in general (those old ESCI tracks can give anyone anger issues)
I would recommend these:

The only links that need to be movable are thos that wrap around the ideler and the sprocket and that can be worked around as well. I build them solid as three sections, one very deep U (from the sprocket all the way around to other side of the sprocket) and two short sections to close the gap on the sprocket.
This eliminates a whole lot of aggro concerning glue getting in the wrong place.

Edit: See corrections by Gino below :smiley:

The Esci M60 was correct in height. It was the old Tamiya M48A3 that sat too high since Tamiya measured a tank w/out an engine.

Takom also has rubber band tracks in their M60 kits and their ROC CM-11 kits. They are pretty nice and connect with a metal pin.


I would go with the AFV Club T-142 Track set.

I used them on my Tamiya Marine Corps M60A1 build and they work great, plus they give you enough extra tracks to fix any possible issues you may have with the tank sitting higher.

I can confirm this. their M60s, along with the ROC CM-11 “Brave Tiger” kit. comes with soft rubber band tracks.

TAKOM 1/35 Scale M60A1 w/ERA - Tracks from Kit No. 2142 4897051421924 | eBay

Thanks I just looked into those and placed an order for a set of them.

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