SOL: Big Scale M4(105) Sherman Turret | Armorama™

Available from SOL Model Corp. is its 1/16 scale Sherman turret mounted with the 105mm howitzer.

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This does look very good indeed, can’t see any foundry marks on it, perhaps they are on the finished item.
Could do with one in 1/35th :wink:

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Yeah it looks excellent.
Archer used to make foundry marks in this scale. I saw them on eBay while searching for 1/35th scale marks myself.

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At that scale and price, I find this has too many inexcusable issues:

• Missing cast-in armor reinforcement on the right cheek
• Loader’s hatch should be flush with turret roof when closed
• Pedestal mount for the .50 cal MG appears too tall
• Missing dust cover mounting flange around the main gun mount (present on ALL 105mm turrets)
• Antenna mount is wrong
• Missing commander’s alidade sight (only the mounting bracket is present)
• Missing MG stowage brackets on back of turret
• Lip around the shell ejection port should stand out more

Finally, though this may just be an assembly error, the hinge of the all-round vision commander’s cupola should be more at the 4 o’clock than 3 o’clock position.