Some of my builds from the old site/campaigns

i really enjoyed building for the campaigns on the old aeroscale. i assume we are all from there but we may have some newbies now too. i was heavily involved with building. i actually had two work benches, one military and one autos, and almost always had two builds going at once. i was in the middle of two campaign builds this past june, one was the me 262 campaign on aeroscale and the other a fred lorenzen stock car build for the strip and track campsign on automodeler when i had a serious accident that has left me for the time being without the use of my legs. the builds have sat frozen at the point of completion on my benches since. i can’t get downstairs to the basement to build and quite frankly i was not feeling much mojo to build either until recently. this is why some of you that have befriended me have not seen any activity from me in a while.
so now , even though i will have to go back for a second operation soon i want to try to get re established and maybe get my motivation going by posting some of my past builds.
i may add a few at a time since i need to find where all my photos are. here’s what i have for now-
Hawker Hurricane MK1- Battle of Britian campaign and second place at mosquitocon last year
airfix 1/48


F4U 1 Corsair birdcage-
tamiya 1/48
these photos were taken before i added the aerial wire and i raised the pilot up in the cockpit. i intend on making a diorama with it just about to catch the wire on a carrier…some day

BF109 F-2 - Franz Stigler’s Afrika Kp mount based on the book A Higher Call. i intend to mount this one on a base of Africa sand eventually.
eduard 1/48 overtrees
before weathering
after weathering with my wifes hair as the aerial.
all i got for now, have to say though i am liking the easy uploading of pictures now :+1:


very detailed! i absolutely love it!

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Ditto looks great!

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Nice work Joe! Hopefully you’ll be able to get back to the bench again soon :slightly_smiling_face:

Great builds! Best of luck with your recuperation, hope you can get back to your workshop soon.


thank you all. i am looking forward to getting back to building too, just don’t know when. planning on moving my benches upstairs but it is a lot of work to move all my equipment upstairs.