Some of my Lebanon 1982 vehicles

A few of my builds centered on IDF invasion of Lebanon, 1982. Always been fascinated with this conflict. Will probably do a M-60a1 soon. Hope ya’ll like them.


M3 halftrack

PLO Landrover

M151a2 TOW Mutt

M151a2 Command Mutt

M151a2 Observation Mutt


Very nice. A Lot of work, but well worth it.

Wow! I particularly like the Mutts.

Any Merkavas planned?


Great collection. Yes we like them.


Nice collection of work there, lots of great details added to the vehicles. They’ve got that well-used and weathered look too.

nice softskin veicles
a cool use of colors…
Land is full centered

Very nice. Love the M3 in particular.

Very nice builds you have made

Great work. I love the Zelda.

Great job on all vehicles!!!

nice mutts…
do you have some suggestion to restore my one?

I found two more images in my library that sort of show your variant. I assume it’s one of the riot control Mutts from the Gaza Strip. I don’t have references on those.


I have also never seen a version with two spare tires attached together, though with Mutts, it’s possible, but rare. I like your sun shade. Cool.


i check in my documentation…

please, how you manare front lights?

The bottom photo was taken in Eilat about 1990,because a good friend of mine is sitting in the front seat of the jeep.The top photo most likely is a jeep somewhere in the West bank.

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I don’t think so. They lack any kind of protection. More like Jeeps used on routine security patrols along the Jordanian border (Jordan Valley-Dead Sea-Arava-Eilat region).

They all look super. I especially dig that half-track. Mind you share more photos of it? In fact, since it’s your thread and this is a modeling website why not share more photos off all of them from different angles? I am sure many will appreciate them :grinning:

I love the look f the Range Rover “technical” with the mounted DShK. I’m currently working on an IDF M113 Command vehicle. Been toying with the idea of building another M113, but as a Lebanese Army M113 with a mounted ZSU-23 gun mounted on the roof.

That’s an interesting subject matter!