Some recent completions for the year

Just sharing some recently completions. Thanks for looking.
Meng’s Tiny FT-17

Hobby Boss M911 C-HET


Both builds look spot on and very nicely weathered!

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yep those fabulous, I hope you post more soon


Both superb builds, well done! I would also like to see more of your works.

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Both kits are finished great … Love that M911 … That looks like a monster chunk of metal :+1:

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Thanks for the kind words. It’s been slow going for me getting back into building after a multi year break, but it’s coming back to me. :wink: Thanks again. “Q”

It is indeed a large chunk. I have the MENG kit on the shelves as well. Comparing the two, the Hobby Boss kit falls short in several areas that I hope the MENG doesn’t. It definitely takes up some real estate when the trailer is attached. :upside_down_face: