Hi all. I couldn’t know where to place these since they are not actually AFV related but then it says “diorama” right? I am rather new to this whole diorama/vignette title. I have done some minor scenery in small bases and such like but never got into landscape as a subject. Lately I decided to visit my old friend PS foam and started to doodle stuff.
None of them have actual scales…yet, but this first one is somewhere between 1/50-1/60, maybe pushing can be accepted at 1/48 concidering the stones.


Next one started as a small scale wall study, then I started dreaming about a small farm/homestead entrence. I wasn’t clear about the geographic situation though.

But then, I found an old Fujimi R75 and decided to have a go on the civilian user side.

I am planning to add a few more deails and a few HO or 1/76 figures. But probably next year ha ha. Happy New Year everyone.


Nice work! :+1:

Very good looking and convincing dios. The tiny motorcycle is cool.


I like them! Keep up the good work!

Yeah man! That is great scenery work for sure!
Welcome aboard!

That is very nice indeed! I have always been interested in small bucolic scenes and yours looks like it will check off all the boxes. Thanks for sharing!!

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Happy New Year! Keep rocking! /Erik

Ha, I wasn’t expecting so many replies. Thank you for your kind remarks. Today’s entry is another small scale study for a pine forrest. Admitedly I need to work on the pine trees further. But again these are sort of an ongoing learning process. Scale is again between 1/60 to 1/87.



And also there is this one. Sort of a ruin of a modern/futuristic concrete building. Again just a study This one is slightly in a bigger scale. Thus I placed a 30mm figure from Infinity Game series that I have painted a few years ago. She will be accompanied by another coleague when I paint him too.


Very nice work Ismet, scale’s no deal-breaker because those trees would be great in the background of a 1:35 diorama as forced-perspective. That said I’d really like to see what you can do in 1:35 too :tumbler_glass:

Sorry for the immensly delayed reply. Thanks, forced perspective is not something I find …“realistic”…on a 3 dimensional object…but a good idea:} Don’2 keep your expectations high. I used to do 1/35 stuff 20 years ago but not much lately. I have an Afghanistan vignet, sirca 2003-2005, in my mind for the past 10-12 years but …lazy modeller:} I’ve been clumsily converting old Dragon figures from time to time without any definite outcome…yet.


Curious…what did you use for the pine tree needles?
:grinning: :canada:

I am not sure about the proper English term for it but it is some type of sanding fiber. Not exactly a foam or sponge. I think it is also used in A/C filters but don’t take my word for it. Abrasive side of Scotchbright type double sided dish sponge also works. I sprayed the cheepest hair spray, as adhesive, and dipped it in dust type static grass then sprayed again. Lastly I applied a few tones and in different thicknesses, or rather thinnesses, of paint with airbrush. Too long of an explanation?

Hey Jolly/Roger - I am a HO Railroad scratchbuilder, and scenery is my “downfall”, YOU can
scenic my dioramas anytime you wish ! You have excellent scenery skills. Thanks for sharing and don’t quit now.
Here’s a website that you can look for scenic displays for inspiration. You can copy any of the pictures (even though you see the copyright in the lower right of the photos), as the creator of the site was a good friend, but has recently passed away. These pictures will not be there forever, so download and save all you wish asap. (This goes for anyone reading this message to Jolly/Roger as well.

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