Some Space Marines

During the Covid lockdown I thought I’d have a go at painting some Warhammer 40k Space Marines. The last time I did any of these was back in 2nd Edition which was around the 1990s, the game has just entered 9th Edition and changed a lot. Anyway to the figures;
Iron Hands Apothecary, Chaplain, Captain, Bladeguard Ancient and Relic Contemptor Dreadnought.

Oh and there are some Outriders but I forgot to take a photo of them, I’ll upload some more photos as the army comes together.
This has been quite an enjoyable change from normal modelling.


welcome to the new modelgeek site and what can say about those warhammer figures other than they look amazing.

Littorio, those are too cool!

You can say many negative things about Games Workshop but you can never say their models aren’t utterly bonkers cool!

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Thanks for your comments guys, really enjoying painting these.
Yes Games Workshop do have some issues especially with pricing, things tend to be priced based on points valve or role in the army rather than the amount of plastic in the box, anyway that’s another topic.

Ok here are some more that I’ve finished over the last couple of days plus the Outriders I forgot to photograph the other day, so here are another Relic Contemptor dreadnought with different weapon fit, a Venerable dreadnought and the Outriders.
The Venerable is one of old squat style Dreadnoughts which are still in the game even if the tooling goes way back. The Relic Contemptor is a resin item from Forgeworld a division of Games Workshop while the Outriders come from a 9th Edition launch boxing although I got mine off eBay.

Anyway its back to work tomorrow so the build and paint will slow down again. What’s up next, well there are a few more figures on bikes including a conversion plus an assassin and another dreadnought.

again you’ve done a great job with that set of figures and due to their high cost it’s not surprising that people make copies of them

Yes there are copies out there but I stay clear of those as like in all industries the copies can hurt the industry, also you don’t know what you are getting when you buy a copy.
Saying that I have found a Polish website/shop who make conversion bits for 40k as well as parts for other systems. I have brought some bits like kneeling bionic legs and melee weapons for conversions.

@Littorio there also a few people on YouTube who show you how to cast your own copies/parts as well. Add to that the rise of 3D printers and I think this going to have a large impact in the near future.

just my tuppence worth

They look good Lucky, a lot different to your usual builds.
Andy :slight_smile:

Thanks Andy

Here’s another that I’ve completed, this is a Captain on a bike which is a conversion using a command bike from a different chapter which required the removal of symbols and flags etc combined with the upper body of a commander figure.

Ok so adding some more characters / command units to the army, first we have the main commander within the current Iron Hands chapter, Iron Father Ferris who is also part engineer, this is the guy with the big gun and grapple/winch on his back. Second is the newly released Primaris Techmarine for those that don’t know these guys are basically the combat engineers in the Space Marine army

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I have never seen you finish so much :laughing:.

Thanks Andy I think.
Next up will be an Assassin, Primaris Chaplain on a bike (recent release) and either another Dreadnought or a Primaris Librarian.
Then I’ll look at my entry to the Sci-fi campaign, either a Razorback, Invictus Warsuit, StormTalon or squad of troops.

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wow, that is good work!

We time for an update, although not a space marine this is an Imperial unit to be specific an Imperial Knight Paladin from my own house. The base still needs to be done but the knight is finished.