Something Interesting - Vehicle tool set

Panther A  tools (Easy) $10.19 ea.
$10.95 ea.
Panther D tools (Easy) $10.19 ea.
$10.95 ea.
Panther G Tools
$10.95 ea.
They are available without the tools for about $7 ea.
Panther A -D Storage tubes $7.13 Ea.
$7.13 ea.
Panther G Storage tubes $7.13 ea.
$7.13 ea.
Panther spare track storage breckets $5.99 ea.
$5.99 ea.

I thought some of you might be interested in these, I have no financial interest in the purchase of anything shown here.
Here’s a few test shots of them in use.

I think they work quite nicely.
Hey Web Guy, I hope I didn;t screw up here with this post. If so I’m sincerely sorry and wonte do this again



Quite useful to have them ready to use… It can save a lot of time and frustration not having to bend a lot of photoetch clamps.

awesome, this is what i’ve been looking for for a long time

I got them from Hobby Easy and the price is quite reasonable.