Sometimes you order before looking closely

I was looking for a good BF109 in 1/32nd scale. Hasegawa was the suggestion. The current one is a F-4 model. Now I wanted a 1/32 Tamiya P51D also, but was choking and coughing at the price. Over $150 mail order! I started scanning evil bay and found one in Texas for $86! I was reading about Adolf Galland’s Bf 109f and found a Hasegawa one for $46! Two for two whoo hoo!
Hit the send button and sat back smiling. Life is good. The email said thank you for your order of the 1/48th scale Bf 109f6-u and it is in the mail. Must be a mistake, a typo. I ordered a 1/32 kit. I go back and yes in my haste, I ordered the kit I wanted but it was the wrong scale. Bummer. I made a pact with myself that single engine props would be only 1/32 and jets would be 1/48th. Sooo… I ordered the $56 1/32 F4 tropical kit. Anyone looking for one in 1/48th…? Thats what I get for not reading the large print.


I’ve never done anything like that :roll_eyes:



Did practically the same once accidentally ordering the wrong Tamiya Type 10 tank. Thought it was 1/35 but it was 1/48. To fix my mistake, tossed it in a club raffle at a show. No more evidence of error and reclaimed the stash space so calling it a win.


I am desperately trying to finish my 1\35 Tamiya Jagdpanzer IV L70 A so I can get it off my bench and proceed with the two other models that I have to complete for Armorcon on October 4 & 5. I’m in the painting stage and have the dark yellow and green on the model. Open the red brown - and the bottle is empty! So I order from Scalehobbyist - they carry AK Real Colors and have the best price on the net for them - but the problem is that AK is introducing the new 17ml bottles of Real Color in August, so everybody is running out of Real Colors until then. I got on Scalehobbyist and was able to score 3 bottles of RAL 8017 red brown - YES! A measly $5.95 shipping and it only takes one day to get from New Hampshire to Connecticut. I set up my airbrush, block out 2 hours of my day, get the thinner, open the box, and I’ve got 3 bottles of RAL 7017 Dunkelbraun! NO! How could they send me the wrong brown? I looked at the receipt and sure enough, I had ordered the wrong brown RAL number in my excitement of scoring three bottles of the stuff. Sadness at Matt’s bench. So I had to go back to Scalehobbyist, luckily they had 2 bottles of red brown, I bought them and got them, but 3 days wasted waiting for the right paint on a tight schedule. It was all my fault, but damn. Well, at least now I have the correct brown to go over Dunkelgrau for a Polish campaign tank. The things we suffer for our hobby.