Somewhere on the Eastern Front

Here’s a dio I did last year, my first in many years. The Russian 76mm Regimental Gun is from ICM and was done several years ago. I don’t know much about artillery, but it is a gem of a kit. It was painted with Tamiya paints. The figures are all from Master box; the two figures nearest the gun are completely out of the box. The other two were given a Warriors and Hornet head replacement respectively. They were all painted with Vallejos acrylics. The ground work is from several sources including model scene, celluclay, railroad ballast and good old fashioned roots.


Nice dio. Perhaps some more photos from different angles? The video just sorta shakes for 2 seconds.
I really like the Masterbox figures, they have great poses and show a lot of action. Your ground work is very nicely done. Again, please post some more photos if you can so we can see more details at different angles. :+1:t2:

Thank you for the kind words, I will post some more photos, still getting used to doing thislol ! I’m not very tech savvy.Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Imgur: The magic of the Internet



Here are some more…



Thank you. Those are much better. Nice diorama with good action taking place! Your ground work looks great. :+1:t2:
You can post photos directly from your own computer or phone now. They just have to be sized correctly to upload. The new forum is much easier to post photos than the old one.


Thanks again for the compliments. I also got a new phone, an iPhone 12 which is what I took the pics with so I’m still learning how to use it also. You are right it is easier to upload pics in the new forum

Nice work! Figures, concept and groundwork are very nicely done!

Thanks Jerry!
Always check out your work ( which I often see at shows, when we had them lol) on armorama, outstanding job btw!
I struggle with composition among other things , like figure painting, so I was happy with this one since I hadn’t done a diorama in many years.
I wanted to elevate the scene but went overboard, not sure why lol. It earned a silver at the Long Island show last year.

Well,congrats! Keep going!
I would suggest in the future trying to take ground level pics. It makes it all come alive. Buy a large piece of gray blue posterboard and use it as a backdrop.

Yes good idea I’ll take some lower angle pics

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