Sonic the Hedgehog in 1/35

It may sound crazy, if it weren’t for the fact that the recent highly successful movie didn’t have Sonic have to deal with the US military. And I know some very strong Sonic fans.

This does sound kind of crazy, care to elaborate ?

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As in whether anybody makes Sonic the Hedgehog figures in 1/35, the reason mentioned above. Plenty of cartoon characters have been used by military forces over the years, and I did see a picture of Felix the Cat on an airplane used in the Gulf War. For the record, German soldiers called the T-34 tanks with the two round hatches Mickey Mouse tanks.

An interesting point.
Certainly in the UK the 90’s, Sonic was a much bigger cultural phenomenon than Mario. I’m surprised he didn’t turn up on something in the Gulf War. Tornados and Jaguars did have some cartoon characters from The Viz comic appearing in nose art. I’m sure many modelers outside of the UK have been confused by the origin of Buster Gonad when building a Desert Storm Jag!

Speaking as a retro gamer, I much prefer Sonic to that plumber. Sonic 2 on the Mega Drive is one of the best platform games ever made.


I recall when the specialist decals became available shortly after the event building a Tonka with a TIALD Pod: there were only two prototype TIALDs available during the conflict and they were named for the Fat Slags with the character depicted on them…



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I remember one of them was on the decal sheet in Airfix’s 1/48 Desert Storm Tornado released in the mid 90’s. Another one I really do need to pull out the stash and build. From what I remember it has a massive selection of weapons. Something that’s a rarity these days.

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