SOON ON SALE: Phu Bai Combat Base 1968 | AeroScale

ICM is to release soon the 1:35 scale 'Phu Bai Combat Base 1968' containing a CH-54A, pilot and ground crew figures as well as the M8A1 airfield mat

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I hope they will release the crew and matting separately since I already have the copter.

They already have. I already have both the pilots and ground crew sets.


Mating was just announced as well. It should be available soon too.


Are the figures entirely the same?

The picture looks like the exact same ones. They just combined existing sets.

You can see the four from the Pilots set circled in red. Three of the four in the Ground Crew set are circled in green. Iā€™m not sure where the fourth ground crewman (bending at waist) went.