Sorry for previous post. Is Tamiyas Panther D a huge upgrade from the Panther G from 1996?

Sorry this should have been my original questions

If you share what’s most important to you in a kit, we can probably help guide you towards a suitable solution

The Tamiya Panther G is a very good kit. By today’s standards it benefits from aftermarket love, like new tracks, engine deck screens, brass MG barrels, better 3D printed tools, brass antenna, new 3D printed headlight, PE fiddle bits and scratch or turn key zimmerit kit if desired.

The Tamiya Panther D also benefits from the same tweaks and improvements. To me the D kit is ever so slightly a better kit out of the box.

Neither Tamiya kit would be the basis I’d choose for my personal “Best Panther” project ever build.

That honor would go to Dragon’s 2n1 Panther G kit.

However, the Tamiya Panther G kits would be my choice for most FUN & enjoyment building. That’s why I have six Tamiya Panther G kits and two Dragon Panther G’s.

Hell, now I’m fired up about Tamiya Panther G kits at model show and may just have to buy a pair for $25 each…wink


Thank you shows have some great deals for sure on Tamiyas 1990s armor, best deal going.