South African Swerwer Mine-Resistant Vehicle Index

Today, we’ve got another new index on the site, this one covering the relatively unknown South African Swerwer Mine-Resistant Vehicle. Here’s the link to the page: WarWheels.Net- Swerwer Mine-Resistant Vehicle Index .


I made a discovery that I had posted on my G6 build about a battlefield mod nicknamed the “Telefoonhokkie” which is telephone booth in English.

There were numerous frankecreations fielded in the day and in the then Rhodesia.


Great pics. Thanks for posting.

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Spotted some official blurb about the new SANDF Badger that replaces the old Ratel. Has a striking resemblance to the new IDF 8 wheeler fielded in Gaza.
Not quite the same as theirs which is more of a battle taxi than an ICV.

But there is apparently a problem with the procurement program due to embezzlement.

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