Soviet Attack Aircraft IL-2 Shturmovik | AeroScale

Darren Baker takes a look at the Soviet Attack Aircraft IL-2 Shturmovik from Zvezda in 1/48th scale.

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the model looks very nice but I see a small issue: the metallic ailerons, as in the kit, were typical of Il-2s built in 1941 (up to the fall) that had a different armament configuration on the wings (ShVAK guns inside, ShKAS machine guns outside) , landing lights on both wings and other minor differences, while the wings of the kit are of the type of 1942 (more precisely, those built in Factory 18 from the fall of 1941).
These later wings had the guns ShVAK or NS-23 outside and the ShKAS inside, the landing light on the left wing only, and their ailerons shouldn’t be metallic, but fabric skinned and without the balance weight under them.
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