Soviet Ball Tank Replica

Check out what video …

Soviet Ball tank that is 1/1 scale from China…


Looks interesting but I was under the impression that besides the Kugelpanzer and it is possibly the only example of one, ball tanks where paper projects. That example doesn’t look like any kits on market that I have seen. Do you know of any more details about the vehicle?

Sorry…I do not have anymore detail of vehicle.
Just thought its funny that people took time to make a replica for the sake of it.

It appears there is at least one book “Steel balls of Stalin” by Yuri Pasholok that lists around 50 projects and it appears one of those look similar to the video tank. Anyone know where one could find the book and a English version would be nice?

I’m working on the MiniArt ball-tank kit now and then (when I’m not doing other stuff) that I’m building into a “reverse Lend-Lease” kind of thing. I’m replacing the russian machine guns with Browning M1919 .30 caliber ones and the tracks will be from an M4 Sherman…though I haven’t found them yet. :grin: It will have a purely “american” paint scheme too!

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Blockquote Stalin had balls of steel? …well, maybe! :exploding_head:

Hmmm…quotation failure!

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