Soviet figures post war

Wow ! What an excellent reference! I’ve never seen anything that detailed about the modern Soviet uniforms. Only problem is I can’t translate it. Any ideas??

Thanks a bunch Frenchy!


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If you’re using Google Chrome, it can translate the page for you, or you can copy and paste the page URL into Google Translator :


Ok thanks I’ll try that

@Frenchybawesoem reference thank you!

Hello Gregory!
You can order a lot of Soviet figures - early to mid Cold War 1950s to 70s

@live-resin thank you!

@Stikpusher So i was reading red storm rising and in the book it talks about having A level, B level and C level troops and units. Does this refer to the red army having reserve type elements that were equipped with older equipment and uniforms? Or would reservist and secondary type formations be in the same uniforms just with older equipment?

I am not familiar with their reserve system, but if it is like ours I would say this. Class A units would be like regular army. Class B would be drilling Army Reserve and NationalGuard unit’s. They have equipment and uniforms but usually not the latest issue. Class C would be Individual Ready Reserve. Troops that have done their active duty time but still have their reserve commitment and are not drilling with a reserve unit. They no longer have their equipment or uniforms. When mobilized, they are issued these things and sent either as individual replacements to units, or fill out cadres of units to create other reserve formations, train up for a longer period than organized reserve units, and are then sent wherever.

@Stikpusher okay that sounds about right, the way the book described it was that they class C troops were the old timers who could still be called up and they had the old equipment from the 60s. I may use this as inspiration with my T-62 and some dismounts but not sure yet.

@Stikpusher would you or anyone else know what color to paint the “blanket” around his body? The directions aren’t really clear and it appears to be a khaki/Wool color. The box art shows it as the same color of the uniform so I’m not to sure what color to go with. Any recommendations ?

The color depends if you’re going with the rain cape, blanket, or great coat around his body. The cape is a light olive green, while the blankets and greatcoat are more of a darker brownish gray wool. As with many things Soviet, you have some wiggle room as to exact shade.

@Stikpusher so in theory i can get away with it being the same color ?

Something similar, but not exactly the same. They were made from different materials. You do want some contrast between the items.

@Stikpusher I’m thinking maybe I’ll paint it a khaki brown color with the base color mixed in as well. I’ll have to play with it some tonight

@Stikpusher came back and reworked it with a few different colors and finally settled on the Lightgrey brown from ammo Mig. It took a few tries to get it right but i think this is what looks best. I’ll probably copy this or do a more deliberate khaki color for the rucks on the final two figures.

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You now have a nice distinct contrast between the two items. If you dry brush the highlights, I’d suggest using a gray to emphasize that aspect of the color.

@Stikpusher thats what I’m thinking about, it may be a German grey or a slate gray. I’ll have to play with it some more tonight. Thank you for the feedback!