Soviet heavy tanks camouflages

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I know soviets used some disruptive camouflages on their tanks during WW2.
Over the 4BO basic green they could apply sandy brown, brown and light or drak green, even black as some may say.
Do you have any good link to point out where to find references of such camouflages?
Thanks in advance.

There is something in the following link: Engines of the Red Army in WW2
Also here is something about it: WW2 tanks and armored vehicles (1939-1945)

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And also a book with profiles

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Ho yes, I was searching for such literature :slight_smile:

Thanks Fernando, really interesting :slight_smile:

If interested, I could email the entire book.


Thanks Sergei for the offer but I prefer paper edition :wink:
Kind of you for the proposal

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Another interesting book:

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