Soviet Naval Infantry

Hello All,
Here are some pics of a figure I did a few years ago. It’s from the Miniart set #35043, Soviet Naval Troops. I changed out the head for a Hornet head. It was painted with Vallejo’s acrylics. The the machine gun is from Tamiya and the ammo and ammo box are from an ICM kit if I remember correctly. The bricks are from Verlinden, and I think the wall section came from a model railroad product. The pole is something I found in the yard and the light pole was thrown together from some Tamiya parts. The water was just a greenish blue color with a gloss coat over it and white oil paint for thx waves. Comments welcome


Very nice figure and base!

Thanks Joe! I probably should have used a square base or a larger round base to fit it better, I don’t know what I was thinking at the time lol.

Also, I didn’t do such a good job on his pants. The highlighting is not good and there is a bit of a sheen on them, but next time I do a figure with a black uniform I’ll do better.

Well seeing it is a single figure, I think that the base is just right.
Any bigger, the focus may have been taken away from the figure.

I originally had a second figure in there with him but didn’t get it done in time for a show I was going to. Probably would have looked more balanced.