Soviet Tanks In Manchuria

I wanted to depict the invasion of Manchuria by the Soviets, but again find almost no data. I did read that they used a number of older tanks there because they didn’t have to face good tanks or even good troops. I even thought of using one of the Zvezda older tanks, but would like to know more. I only saw one photograph of two new Soviet tanks on a mountain.

Throughout the war, we kept a significant number of tanks in the Far East, but of obsolete types. Starting with a small number of T-18 and T-26 and up to BT tanks, including: BT-5 (49 units), BT-7 (about a thousand units). A total of 5250 tanks and self-propelled guns were used, mainly T-34-85, ISU self-propelled guns. There were many SU-76s.
I am sending you a link to search for “Soviet-Japanese War” using photographs of that period. There are also photographs of tanks from both sides.