Soviet U-19 kitbash, 1:16, full metal


This is build of a Soviet U-19. This was a vehicle the Soviets proposed after some experiences with the concrete bunkersof the Mannerheim Line in Finland. The basic plan being to mount a 203 mm howitzer on the chassis of a KV. It got to the planning stage, drawings were produced and then it was realised that it just was not going to work.

The drawings for it (some) can be found o n the web and there are one or two model builds to be found.

I did my best to follow the availabel darwings but I also drew inspiration from some Russian modellers versions of the vehicle.

My starting point was a Taigen 1:16 KV lower hull and sprockets. I also purchased KV road wheels and tracks.

I dismantled the hull removing all the plastic. I was then left with the aluminium tub and torsion bar suspension. I covered over the suspension with a 2mm steel plate and used the plastic side walls as a template for cutting out the sidewalls from 2mm steel. I did this with chain drilling and a hacksaw. The edges were finished with draw filing.

I made a mount for some work drive motors using 2 mm steel again, brazed with brass and then the motors were mounted in that and fastened to the 2mm base plate.

I fashioned a mount for the rear axle and used #25 chains and sprockets to function as a drive mechanism. Then the rear transmission cover from the original hull was attached.

The original suspension was too weak for the weight (like the actual vehicle) and non adjustable so new clamps for the stationary edge were made from 5mm square steel stock that shortened the bar and allowed adjusting to stop it bottoming out.

The casemate started out as a sheet of 2mm steel and the hole in the middle was chain drilled out and filed to shape.

Four steel bars of appropriate length were then used to support the roof piece. The three remaining sides were then filled in with more steel sheet. For the entire model, solder was used as “glue”, silver when possible, normal lead solder for bigger pieces.

I will continue in a new post.



The gun mantley was a big chunk of aluminium that I slowly filed and drilled to (rough!) shape. The gun itself was just alumnium bar and tube stock.

All the bits and bobs on the roof were just fashioned from brass and steel stock.

I then copied a russian modeller and fashioned the equipment necessary for loading the large shells in to the tank.

None of my models are ever painted in correct colours as I am no painter . The finish on the tank was rough due to heat staining and some fluz stains that would not come off so I simply etch primed it and painted it with Vallejon steel colour so it would match the other tanks.

I also fitted it out with electronics and a sound card (still working on that aspect) and gave it a test drive to see if t would move at all.

Sorry about the dog.

I really enjoyed building this tank as I am very fond of Soviet prototype tanks…



Never mind the dog, watch the tank!

Awesome, just freaking awesome!

Hi Lars,

I can only reaffirm Ryan’s comment, freakin’ awsome, :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:.

How long does it take you to construct something like that?

Cheers, :beer:,


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Thanks! Maybe 6 months on and off I suppose.

I usually have a couple on the go at the same time so it’s hard to tell.


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Welcome Lars, now that’s really making an entrance! Superb in every way, I have some questions:

  1. Presumably the design didn’t work due to being overweight/underpowered? Also maybe not much fun for the crew with that recoil.
  2. Have you tried running it over a bed of damp sand or earth? I’d love to see it mash up the ground with those tracks. But I could understand if you don’t want to get it dirty, cleaning it thoroughly would take some time.
  3. You say you have other tanks……?
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That may be just about the whackiest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Both the initial design and the ingenuity of your scratch build. Well done sir!

Hi Martin

I think the KV chassis had reached its limit with the KV-2. I think the Kv-2 was 50 tons or something and this thing was supposed to be 66 tons which just was never going to work. I think there was a platform with a similar gun mounted on a KV chassis without the casemate and I read somewhere that the recoil knocked everyone off onto the ground.

I have not run it outside yet. If I ever do I will see what the tracks look like! They should be OK as it weighs around 16 kg and that should be enough to get some imprints.

There are other tanks and I will post them in the relevant sections.


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