SPAD XIII in 1/32

I’ll plug away at this one when time permits.

DSC03437 (Small)
DSC03438 (Small)
DSC03439 (Small)
DSC03440 (Small)
DSC03441 (Small)
DSC03442 (Small)
DSC03443 (Small)
DSC03444 (Small)
DSC03445 (Small)
DSC03446 (Small)
DSC03447 (Small)

I’ll doing some scratch building on this project. It’s for sale, with all proceeds going to people missing limbs or veterans.

DSC03448 (Small)

Thanks everyone.


Oh again some rigging! Nothing for my father’s son! :wink:

Good luck, HG. It will become another gem in your hands for sure.

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That looks like an interesting project.
Being more focussed on AFVs, one of the few aircraft I’ve built was the 1/72-scale Spad XIII (an Eduard kit). I incorporated this in a diorama entitled ‘The Celebrity Aviator’. Here you can see the French Ace, Georges Guynemer having his photograph taken before embarking on a mission.



I finished a Revell seventy tooth SPAD earlier this year, that rigging diagram would have been very handy back then, :wave:

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