Spare roadwheel stowage on Abrams turret

It’s not uncommon to see spare roadwheel units stowed on the Abrams turret. I know how they are secured but my question is a practical one to those that have experience of these things.

What sort of weight is the roadwheel and how easy/difficult is it to manhandle the wheel onto the turret? I’m assuming it’s a two-man lift at the very least, or is it so heavy that a mechanical hoist is required?? Conversely, are the wheels a lot lighter than they look?


It depends. For some of us a 103 pound road wheel is nothing, but for others a 98 pound projectile is hard to hold at any angle for more than a millisecond.

A two man lift is probably the smarter way to go, but to get 103 lbs. up over the top of the sponson - too easy. From sponson to mounting bolts, not difficult - just have to line the hole up.

I routinely picked up my 84 lb. fi’ty and put mounted it in its cradle on the top of my gun truck by myself. Again, toughest part of the job is lining up the holes to get the pin through. YMMV.

Thanks - that pretty much answers the wider question I was considering.

A roadwheel is a practical manual lift for members of a tank crew without resorting to external or mechanical assistance.

Two guys can lift it easy and bolt it to the top of the turret.

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I do not remember the weight of a single roadwheel, but I can lift one, so it is no more than 60 pounds or so. If you are by yourself, it is done in two parts. From the ground to the top of the hull (front or rear), climb up on the hull and lift it onto the turret. Easy!

Also, if you don’t see a hoist on the vehicle, it probably doesn’t need one. The big trucks like the HEMTT have tires that require hoisting so they come with hoists.

Gotta agree with Tanker Ken. I remember hanging them off the bustle rack with a center guide.

Same thing with a couple track blocks.