Spare tire on BTR-60PU R12

I found Trumpeter’s 1/35 BTR-60PU R-12on eBay and bought it. I have spare wheels. Anyone have any idea where the spare would be stowed, on a turretless BTR? Thanks!

Perhaps strapped to the engine deck ? Thought I saw something like that on a BTR- 60PU in Afghanistan…… not sure

They normally didn’t carry spare tires. They had a central tire inflation system that could continuously pump air into the tires to compensate for moderate damage until a tire could be replaced. If there was a spare tire the stowage would be ad hoc.


Thanks a lot!

I believe I’ve seen a picture of a vehicle in Afghanistan with a spare wheel on the turret, but I think it was a BRDM, just another option.

Yes, BTRs and BRDMs often carried (carry) a spare on top of the turret. But what if there is no turret? I vaguely recall having seen a pic with a spare mounted to the rear of the vehicle somehow.

Yes I also seem to remember seeing the odd BTR with a tyre on the rear.

Edit: You can see the wheels in this well known pic from Afghanistan.

Another one here.


Hope this helps.

This almost looks like a scene from the movie “Red Dawn!”

Thank you, gentlemen.