SpAsov models (Russia) 1/35

In order to clear up the information fog about Russian modeling a little, I thought it would be appropriate to issue small information about Russian modeling companies. Not about everyone, but only about the really interesting ones. And exclusively in my favorite scale, 1/35. And even in it I won’t show all the products, but only the really interesting ones.
Although there may be exceptions to these rules.


An enthusiast and fanatic of the T-26 tank, operating under the SpAsov models brand, got to the sapper versions of this tank, releasing two versions each for models from Zvezda and HobbyBoss.
“Light engineer tracked tank ST-26 model 1934 with a cable control system” (3560 for Zvezda, 3559 for HobbyBoss)

“Light engineer tracked tank ST-26 model 1932 with a cable control system” (3558 for Zvezda, 3557 for HobbyBoss)

and separately “3561 Multi-span bridge with support model 1934”

Before that, he released the conversion “3555 Armored Observation Post Model 1939”

“3545 Observer tank model 1935”

and “3548 Light tracked transporter T-26-T2 model 1933.”

He also has a conversion based on a very strange prototype

“3517 Tank for overcoming obstacles TPP-2 model 1937”

And much more. Regarding additions to the T-26, it’s easier for me to send you to my website

or directly to his website (in Russian) to the products section, where he has fifty products in stock. In addition to the T-26, he loves strange conversions on Pz.Kpfw. IV.
“3503 Pz.Kpfw.IV conversion kit with gas installation”

“3501 Flakpanzer IV Kugelblitz Conversion Kit”

and bears “1202 Figure of the bear of Seraphim of Sarov”

(What Russian doesn’t like bears?!).

For example me. I’m afraid of them and the last thing I want in life is to come face to face with a bear.

His plans include small items such as “Mobile machine gun nest PPG-1/Wedge heel “Object 217”,

and large ones

And just interesting prototypes (KT-26).

Let’s wish him success and wait for it to come to fruition.


Very interesting, thanks for sharing. The TPP-2 is wild looking.


I think most here will be completely lost on the reference to Sv. Serafim Sarovskiy and the bear … although there is a funny meme that has circulated a bit online.