Speaking of rigging

Speaking of rigging, I’m just starting to help do a 1:1 scale project.
We have until June to turn this:
Laid up

Into this:
Gazela under sail

It’s actually 123 years old, but gets unrigged every fall, has lots of tlc, then re-rigged in the spring.

First the cover comes off and two gaffs, three booms and a topgallant mast and yard need added.
T'gallent mast & yard, Main Stays'l boom

Each line is already cut to length, tagged, and sensibly organized, just like many other kits:
Line tag

Also there are dozens of blocks, coming in a wide variety of styles and sizes.
Each (hopefully) with a tag showing it’s location.

Instead of glue, they are held on by an equally wide variety of shackles, but I’m not sure where they are hiding. Instead of the Carpet Monster, we have the bottom of the Delaware River!


With the cover still on, my first task is a bit of deck detail. I get to shape a square of wood to fit exactly into a not-quite-square hole.

Inside the hole is the nut that holds the eyebolt that holds the chain that holds the Pelican hook that holds the anchor chain that holds the anchor. Unfortunately all the deck hardware had to hold real loads so I can’t just cram the eye into a hole and call it done. The entire opening will get smeared with tar and the wooden cover driven into place and painted over so it looks like a solid block of wood.


You don’t do things by half measures, do you.

I expect the first time she come about to run ahead of a decent wind you’ll have a grin from ear to ear. Good luck!


That sure is something different than most of us do. Wow, cool mate!