Special Attack Ki-46

What was the capacity of the centerline fuel tank carried by the Ki-46? Also, the ones configured for Special Attack, what would the observer’s position look like? I’d imagine the camera gear would have been stripped out. Radio gear? Would the position even have been manned?

Looked around for a while. Best I came up with was the total capacity of the Ki-46, and mention that the 46-III had 5 wing tanks, and two rubber tanks in the fuselage, one behind the pilot, one ahead. But no capacity of individual tanks. No idea about observer’s position.

Probably no observer or extraneous gear.

Oops! Thought I posted this here … 101 Imp Gal. / 120 US Gal. / 460 Liters. Was trying to figure out the weight capability of the center line rack. There were two racks for Ta Dan cluster bombs to either side of the center line. These bombs were 60 kg (?) Not a very useful load for a "special attack " against a ship. The center line should be able to hold a 250 kg (or with some reinforcement, maybe a 500 kg for a “one time” use. As for the observers area, lots of space back there, especially with the camera mounts yanked. Would think they’d’ve crammed explosives or gas (a flying Molotov cocktail!) in the space . Guy in back? Would be only for bragging rights , I’d guess. Thought I read there was no radio. (was common to get extra range with A6Ms in the Solomons. )

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I love those diagrams and cutaways. Growing up I wanted a job illustrating such. But I never had the skill or the patiences.

I skimmed a small number of articles about crew aircraft used as kamikazes, and it said - generally - they flew with just a pilot or for larger aircraft, the minimum required crew, i.e., flight engineer and gunners.

I’ve read where they put just about anything explosive or flammable into Kamikaze aircraft. It would not surprise me if they put something in the rear of a Dinah.

Gas would work real good. Imagine the damage a plane the size of a Ki-46, ramming a 1000 lb bomb through the deck plates, then pouring a couple hundred gallons of burning gas through the hole would do. I could see a twin, Ki-46/ 45/ 51, having a nav/ radioman and serving as a lead ship for a swarm of single seaters to a fleet. Using that logic looks like I’ll use the 500 kg bomb on the centerline and use the recce floor board , radio and a back seater. Now, just need to track down the radio, O2 cylinders, floor , and skull decals for the project. Know anybody with a recce Ki-46 that wants to build an interceptor version. I have the 37mm/ 20mms etc that would swap?