Special Forces Operator with AR-15 (250 mm) from Tin Berlin

Tin Berlin announced new bust:
Special Forces Operator with AR-15
Scale: 250 mm
Material: resin


Looks nice but it would be a M4 and not an AR15.

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From what I can see it’s a buttstock.

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It looks nice but I wish it was full figure.

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I’m with you…I too prefer a full 120mm-250mm figure and I posted a request on Planetfigure.

You can see photos of the resin here…


It is one of the nicest modern US SOF busts that I’ve seen but I don’t think I’ll bite as I’ve full 120mm figures of the same subject.

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Technically, the US military does not use AR-15s… only the militarized descendants.

It does look like a nice bust though.