Special Navy German Kriegsfischkutter (KFK) 1:72

My prayers have been answered!
It seems that Special Navy is to release a German KFK in 1:72

I’m ecstatic!


Excellent news! :grin:
Special Navy kits can be a little rough but the larger parts are a good starting point.
Already got the book with all the details I can dream of …

Styrene, or resin, or multi-media?

Very cool! But of course I wouldnt hate it if it came in 1/35 as well :slight_smile:

This is just a preliminary announcement so no other details but if like
their other kits, most likely styrene injection and may contain some
PE and resin detail.

Ive just gotten into 1/72 Ships, so this is defiantly on my buy list!

Mmmm…Thinking naval dio with Revell 1/72 S-Boot! :exploding_head:

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