Special Operations Craft Riverine

So this arrived today and as I couldn’t find any previous completed built on one decided to start my own build log. Be warned: I am slow.
So it’s a 1/35 3D printed hull, helmsman’s console and the radar mast. Will need to add lots of details like weapons, rails, shields, smoke grenades etc etc

Google Photos

Let’s see if adding photos is easier now…


Interesting. I will be following this with great interest.


Very cool. Where did you get it from or did you print it yourself? I may need to get one.


I remember a friend building the same craft from plastic sheet. It was an awesome model, but he never finished it… Take your time and show us the progress every now and then. Will be following with interest as well.


this looks to be an interesting build, think I’ll tag along for this one.

Sean - really interested in seeing where you go with this build - i’m definitely along for the ride!