Special Tamiya Mix for 4B0 Green


I would like to come up with a special Tamiya mix to recreate the 4B0 green (the dark green) found on the undercarriage of this DSHK machine gun. The pictures are from the AK Interactive Real Colors of WWII book.

Does anyone have suggestions on what Tamiya colors I could use to mix a color similar to the one in this picture?


I don’t know but this thread has some Tamiya colors used for 4BO by others.


The mentioned thread was one I started. I picked up the yellow green and olive green which were the ones on Tamiyas kv-1 kit. They look like they should make a good shade of green

Thanks for sharing. Yes, I had already checked out this thread. In the pics it almost looks like a dark, bluish green.

Something to take into account is the type of builder you are with regard to the finish. Folks that like washes, filters, oils and such need a lighter color to start with as it darks the color up.

All good points. Thanks!

Saw this but have no first experience with it. List of Tamiya paint mixes for AFV

4BO Green
• xf-61 (6) + xf-5 (4) + xf-8 (4) + xf-13 (1)
• xf-13 (3) + xf-5 (2) ———— highlights: add some xf-12
• xf-67 (3) + xf-4 (1) + xf-2 (1)
• xf-58 + xf-26 (some xf-57 can be then added to shade panels)

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I am suspect of Tamiya’s color recomendations. They tend to be closeish but not spot on.
Remember the scale effect so a little yellow or buff would probably be needed. AK’s Green is dark looking on a small vehicle even though it is an accurate color.

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On color accuracy, its possible to get close or in the ball park, I definitely agree tweaks to lighten are usually needed for best appearance.