Spider Webs when Airbrushing

I have an Iwata Revolution CR airbrush. I have been getting spider webs when I airbrushed with it recently. The center area where I am airbrushing comes out really wet with the webs shooting out from the middle. This also happens when I try airbrushing with water.

Any ideas why I might be having this issue? Also, is there any way that I can fix this?



Your paint to thinner/water ratio is off. You need more paint in the mix and try lowering your psi.

2:50 mark.


Thanks for the response. I’m using a ratio of 3:1 paint to thinner and my air pressure is at 20psi. I’m not sure this is the problem though as when I try airbrushing straight water, it comes out as spider webs as well. Air is coming out but not a lot of liquid, even when I have the trigger all the way back.

Lack paint with trigger back sounds like a blockage too me.

I agree with @Tank_1812, spider webs are generally a result of paint being too runny for the pressure

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Yes, that’s what I am thinking it is-some kind of blockage. Have never had any problems using this airbrush, so that’s what I’m thinking it is.

Might be good to pull it apart and see if you can spot any obvious blockages. If not run some lacquer thinner through it, let it sit for a bit and it should loosen up the gunk, then give it a thorough cleaning

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Yes agreed to thin. Another issue may be a micro tear in the cone