Spray Booths

Hello all,

I am in the process of building up a new hobby corner and am in need of a Spray booth as there are no windows in the room. I have been looking at the Adler AD-7000 Mini spray booth as the cost is relatively affordable.

My question is how effective are these mini spray booths, does it catch most of the overspray or are my walls going to slowly change color :stuck_out_tongue: Would appreciate any feedback you guys can share.

Regards all,

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I can’t comment on the smaller spray booths, but I bought one of these a dozen years ago and it is still going strong.

It isn’t very quiet, but it moves a lot of air, and I use lacquer thinner and this takes care of the fumes easily. Only had to replace the filter a few times. Would be interesting to hear people’s experiences with the smaller ones.

Cheers, Jim.


Hey Jim,

Thank you for your input. Although that does seem like a more ideal and effective option, it is quite a few steps outside my price range. Also the wall where it would be is shared with the neighbors and I would not want to piss them of.

I guess I might go for the mini one, will let you know if it is “acceptable”


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I purchased one of these too, best purchase I made for this hobby. My spouse appreciates it too.

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@iwatajim Jim, thank you for the link. That’s the first affordable spray booth l’ve seen that can handle enamels & lacquers.

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I can’t find the link now but years ago I found a site that went over how much air a fan will push and how to compute how much distance you have go. Some of the info was about how much a 45 or 90 degree bend equated in “feet”. I run a Testors/Aztek booth and wanted to make sure it would be able to handle the distance to the exterior wall. I think it was on a site talking about building your own airbooth but the info should work for any booth’s ability.


I have this one


Been using it about a year now. I wouldn’t call it quiet, but it’s not oppressive. Cabinet does a good job keeping things contained. It had a turntable and integrated lighting.

As for ventilation, it is certainly better than the cardboard box I used to use. My spraying sessions tend to be limited to about 20 minutes at a go. Most importantly, I’ve never had the wife complain.

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I have this one and I am happy with it. Mine did not come with an airbrush.
The dryer hose goes out of a window. Mine did not come with lighting. The spray booth folds up into a small rectangle for storage if needed.

You can attach two of them together to make a wide booth for things like ship hulls.


Modular that’s pretty cool :sunglasses:

Mine does the same. I’m pretty sure this booth either gets rebranded or has had its design ripped off by half a dozen different companies

Ditto here. I’ve been using mine for eight years… still pulling strong. Note: The filters are washable depending on how clogged they get. However, I always have new filters on the ready when needed. HTH.