Sprue Brothers VIP Club

I have noticed that on the Sprue Brothers Web Site , they are pushing a VIP club where for $120 you can join and get free shipping and other so-called benefits.
I think that it’s a attempted rip off.
If you order from them be Shure to check your credit card statements.

I’m not sure it’s an attempt at scamming more than it is an ill conceived loyalty program. There is no benefit that I can see. For that price I can get several kits over the year and still come out ahead.


It doesn’t seem like a benefit for most but I don’t believe it to be a scam . I have always found it a pleasure to deal with Sprue Brothers.


Spruebrothers has been a reputable business for many years,fast shipping,responsive customer service,and reliable.there is no way they are scamming anyone.If their new program isnt for you dont sign up,but scamming?check my credit card? Those are really some accusations to make.


This isn’t a scam necessarily but just a way to drive sales. Rest assured the sales department went through their Ledgers for last year’s transactions and came up with an average dollar amount of its collective customers purchases and conceived a way to increase cash flow without having to raise its retail prices. It’s a pretty clever plan actually, increase accessible cash on hand without any actual immediate inventory reduction.
The best thing for you as a customer is look at last years purchases and find the dollar amount of each purchase and how many times you ordered merchandise from Sprue Bros., if you’re below the criteria for the benefits of the VIP Club membership then stand pat and you haven’t lost anything.

Cajun :crocodile:


Donald I suggest you delete this post. You are dead wrong. Sprue Brothers has one of the highest reputations in the business. This VIP Program is a preferred customer club, just like Amazon Prime, and if Sprue Brothers is your favorite online vendor you could stand to save a lot of money. This is not a scam.


I can not agree more.
I’ve been buying from Gordon for many years starting back when he sold only on eBay!
NEVER have I had an issue!!




In my fifty plus orders to Sprue Brother’s their service and integrity has proved outstanding.

The VIP program isn’t a rip off, it’s just a perk for the modeler version of a “K-Mart shopper” that can’t resist the blue light :blue_heart: specials!

I believe one look at my own Sprue Brother’s data shows the program can save some of us money on shipping.

In 2021, I had 33 orders from Sprue Brother’s, the VIP program would have saved me over $200 in shipping. In 2022 I had 5 orders and it would have cost me $70. Last year, I had 13 orders and it would have saved me $10.

Given how many times, I only wanted to order a few bottles of MRP Paint for $23 or $25 of Gunzy paints etc, I’d say the benefits of free shipping are worth considering for some of us. I wait until a Lightning deal I wanted shows up to justify the shipping cost. Now I could do that and get free shipping :ship:.

I think along the same lines as Matt, one might use milder words to describe Sprue Brother’s VIP program.


As stated not a scam. You have to intentionally pick it like any other product your ordering. To see if it’s right for you see below, they freely admit it’s not for everyone.

The one thing you might want to check when ordering and it’s new in the last month or two is the protection option.

This service depending on location seems unnecessary as USPS or SB should cover the issue, unless I am missing something. I also don’t recall this being announced but I might have skipped over in in the weekly emails. You have to unselect this option when ordering.

Sprue Brothers Models VIP Club (2024 Edition)


  • Free shipping on orders over $75.00 (US Lower 48 Contiguous States shipping address only)
  • Periodic members only sales and promotions
  • 2% rebate on orders placed as a member through October 31
  • Free 2025 calendar
  • VIP Gift at the IPMS USA Nationals in Madison WI


  • $120/year ($90 if purchased after May 1)


  • Membership benefits begin with the next order placed after purchasing membership
  • You must be logged into your account when placing your order in order to receive the VIP Club benefits for that order.
  • Free shipping applies only to US Lower 48 Contiguous States shipping addresses
  • Free shipping will be Standard Shipping for orders with merchandise totaling $75.00 up to $200.00; and will be free Expedited Shipping for orders with merchandise totaling over $200.00. Also, reduced cost Expedited shipping for orders between $75 and $200.
  • Memberships will be sold through August 31
  • Membership cost is $120; $90 if purchased after May 1
  • Membership ends at the end of the calendar year (December 31)
  • Membership is non-refundable once purchased
  • Rebate (2%) is applicable only on the merchandise amount of your membership orders. Rebate will be applied as a credit to your account for orders placed as a member through October 31, and will be posted to your account during the month of November.
  • Free calendar is the calendar for the year after membership (i.e. a 2024 member will be rewarded with a 2025 calendar)
  • Free calendar will be sent to the member with one of your orders after calendars are received (typically around October/November).
  • Member will be contacted by email in the first half of the calendar year to obtain their calendar preference (Ghost Warbirds, Military Jets, Shock & Awe, Helicopters or Commercial Aircraft). Calendar choice may be limited (especially if you do not tell us your preference; or membership was purchased after the calendar preference email has already been sent out), and is subject to availability.
  • Free VIP gift when you visit our tables at the IPMS USA Nationals (if we are attending). Member must be present and ID may be required to receive the gift. Quantities will be limited. First come first serve.
  • By purchasing a membership, you consent to being added to our VIP members email list, and receiving emails from Sprue Brothers Models LLC. You may unsubscribe at any time, but by unsubscribing you are excluding yourself from the periodic members only sales and promotions.
  • Sprue Brothers Models LLC reserves the right to adjust or modify this program without any prior notice.

Sprue Bros is my go to company for online purchases. NEVER had an issue, prompt mail service.
Isn’t this basically what Amazon does ?


Man this post received a lot of atention.
Hey Web site person Deleat this if you want , Ididn’t mean to offend anyone.
I don’t know how to deleat it

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Every purchase I’ve made thru Sprue Brothers has always been 100% excellent service. I highly recommend them!


No one was offended, and no one outside of Sprue Brothers had a right to be offended.

The post received a lot of attention because it was an unresearched, unsupported, and wrong claim against a reputable supplier. Hopefully it won’t be deleted, otherwise, equally uninformed people will only remember, “I read somewhere that it was a scam” without an easily available rebuttal.



Mistake made.
Mistake corrected.
Keeping for further reference.