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A head to head comparison of Godhand vs. Zoukei – Mura

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Godhand are not unique one sided cutters. I have Dspiae nippers which are one sided, and Id put them up against my godhand any day, fantastic tool.

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A very interesting review. Thank you!


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Very nice and useful review Matt @SSGToms :+1:

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Hmm. I had some Godhands. They broke after about two years.

I’m currently using the Dspiae clones, and they are, as far as I can tell, just as good.

The Zoukei – Mura look very nice, and the longer, sharper cutting area appeals. What doesn’t work for me is I’m left handed. And even if I wasn’t, surely I’m not the only person in the world who like to be able to flip his nippers around to both sides when needed? the ‘ergonomic’ handle idea is rubbish.


Great to see this top class review as a Feature!

@Mousemuffins- I too broke my GH nippers- I believe I tried to cut something too thick and must have snapped off the top 1/4 of one of the blades. They are nice nippers for sure, but delicate.

Only problem about the ZM nippers is I can’t seem to find any in stock on any store that will ship Internationally!

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I have God Hands and
I think Meng (They are black). I have found that the quality of the God Hand does very. Some cut very flush. Some, not so…
I use the Meng to remove the parts from the sprue and the GH for the final trim.

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Hi, I have used ZM cutters for a few years. Brought a second set to get a nice new sharp and not mistreated by me set.The handle is a plus for right handed me, that “bump” stops the tool slipping and gives more control. I thought I’d like to try a set of God Hands after all the praise, so I got a pair for Christmas. They are pretty good and will make an excellent clean cut if I really really concentrate.
I find the fine blades of the ZM are superior to God Hands as they are very thin and can really get in close. At present I use both depending on the situation. But for the price and thinness of the blades ZM are my preferred. At the end of the day it’s your modelling so what ever floats your boat! Enjoyed reading about the Sprue Cutter Showdown by the way.
Cheers Rodney

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I like my ZM nippers but the bump on the handle is located for smaller hands to use conveniently. There again, I do have the skill set to cut the bump off if it gets too annoying.

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I just placed an order for some from Volks USA, Inc. With shipping (from California to Florida), they were about $42. Volks USA appears to be the distributors for these in the USA.