Sprue glue/goo qiestion

For those that have !mixed your own and use it fill gaps routinely with what is your preferred consistency. I’ve got a jar made up using Tamiya Extra thin (darker green cap). At first I had a thicker mix but got lots of strings taking a ‘glob’ out to spread so I was at the bottom of another jar so I dumped the rest in my mix. Now it’s pretty thin, almost like a very thick paint but I’ve noticed now in bigger cracks it clings to the edge and takes some work to fill in the middle. So I think I need to add some more sprue to thicken it up but going back and forth seems rather a silly. So what’s your consistency of choice. As best as you can describe it obviously cause I don’t think it lends itself to how we reference paint mixing or thinning for airbrushing.

Mine is the consistency of honey, hard to describe more precisely. Runs smoothly but still thick enough to cling and fill narrow gaps.
Downside is it shrinks and takes a while to cure fully if you put it on too thick, but it’s super useful and I use it on every build.

Cheers, D

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