Squadron Green Stuff

S it must just be me, BUT did I miss the “killing off” of Green Stuff putty???
If so which putty, do you recommend replacing this legendary hobby putty.
I have been using Tamiya Putty, but it’s just not the same.


Not sure about Squadron, but a quick google search for “green stuff two-part putty” found loads to buy. You can even get the original name-branded Kneadatite stuff. And Games Workshop offers a liquid green stuff in a bottle, but my pockets aren’t deep enough to pay GW prices to find out what it’s like…

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I think the green stuff he needs is a regular putty, not the two part epoxy…


Ah -my bad! I only ever knew green stuff as the blue and yellow strips…

yes I am looking for the green oozy putty.

The Testors tube tube stuff is still available and comes in a tube like their old glue and still smells bad.

Some google-work just now suggests the best option is Bondo Spot Filler. The GW stuff gets a bad rep, and while some recommend Perfect Plastic Putty my experience of it was that it was effectively water-based chalk, with little sticking power. I’ve got a tube of Humbrol putty that’s my go-to - it is solvent-based so “bites” into the plastic.


Many thanks, I will give it a try :sunglasses:

Molak Stucco Putty from Italy. It’s the putty Verlenden used to import to the US back in the 1990’s. It’s still available mail order via Ebay etc.

I’ve found Molak Stucco to be 100x superior in every way to Squardron’s Green Putty which was very porous, brittle and shrank badly. Tossed my Squadron Green & White putty in the trash in ~1994 after finding Molak and have never looked back. Turned a lot of folks in our local club on to Molak as well and they also tossed the Squadron tubes in the trash.

Molak is somewhat similar to Tamiya Basic Gray but in my opinion thins out better with liquid cement and feathers better. Of the tube putty I’ve seen it’s the best. I’ve kept an old Testors liquid cement bottle on my model desk thats half Molak and half Testors for years. It’s great for hair line as it will thin out like paint. It does shrink some etc.

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And now for the stupid question portion of the morning:

I found this stuff on eGay- in Milano Italy. The price seems right, five bucks a tube. The postage is not ridiculous. I’m might buy several tubes.

My question: How long will unopened tubes last in storage?
Are there any special things that need to be done to preserve them?

Like store them in ziplock bags inside of Tupperware container in the back of bottom drawer of the refrigerator out in the garage behind the bulk packs of lunch lunch meat? (This is how DuraCoat paint hardener is stored.)

I’m asking for a friend.

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The orange tubes are from the 1990’s and still like new. The tubes have a metal seal. The yellow ones were ordered from Italy two years ago. I keep at least four unopened tubes as a “strategic reserve”.

When a tube is opened shelf life is about 3 to six months. The plastuc cap tends to split and the putty will dry out. Dried out is actually a non issue as this putty will reconstitute when Testors (MEK etc) is applied to it. The 50/50 mix bottle on in the left is from a tube of Molak I opened in 2012. I keep a separate bottle of LC for thinning, the bottom on an old paint bottle as a palette & several paint brushes to apply from pallet.

The Molak in bottle dried out and in 2018, I peeled the tube open, chopped up the dried out putty and mixed with Testors to reconstitute. Stirred and shook real good etc.
This is today in 2023, same tube of 2012 putty…

This Zimmerit was made from the bottle of Molak etc in 2020.

Molak worked wonders on this old goofed up Pz IV J project from 1994…its like nearly as valuable as Tritium in my opinion :wink:


Oh for what its work, I usually just put a few drops of LC on the putty palette to reconstitute dried Molak on the bottom of the bottle . Don’t have to even have to open the bottle of 50/50 or tube.


I now have some Molak Stucco inbound from Italy. I hope it ends my quest for the ultimate putty.

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Molak Stucco is my favourite nitrocellulose based putty. It will shrink so supwr glue is better for big gaps etc but when that thin coat is needed Molak has worked well for me.

I wanted to use it for figure conversions. I can use other things for large gaps but I like something I can put on and use a brush and a solvent to flow the filler for transitions,folds,….etc.

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Wade, will any liquid cement work on it ?

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Don’t waste your well-earned, it’s baaad! I am given to understand it’s just coloured correcting fluid…



John, all of the common liquid cements I tried like Tamiya, Testor’s or Mr Hobby worked. I like the slower Testor’s in the glass bottle best for thinning Molak or Tamiya Basic Grey putty.

I’ve never tried ABS cements like Plasti-struct, not sure if they’d work.

The old Tenax 7R type formula LC’s didn’t work to thin Molak or other nitrocellulose putty in my experience.

@DCCOOK353 David, I think Molak should work well for that application of mixing and putting on a brush to flow the filler for transitions,folds. With a little practice, I could thin as needed to desired consistency. If the mix is a little too thin a very slight wait for the solvent to evaporate and it thickens etc.

Best wishes with the application.

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Thanks Wade :+1:

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